Activities of the TIC RRС

The main activities of the Center for Search and Information in recent times are related to the consequences of the Second World War; repressions of the 30s – 40s in the USSR; the collapse of many states that occurred in the 1990s, and, as a result of this process, an increase in the number of refugees and migrants, the appearance of abandoned children; unrest in some regions of the world where conflicts occur, emergency situations.

Search for relatives related to the consequences of the Second World War and geopolitical changes in the world

Establishment of the preservation of the graves of Soviet soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War (at the request of Russian citizens - abroad, at the request from abroad - in Russia)

Establishing the fate of relatives missing during the war

Reclamation of documents confirming the stay of Russian citizens during the war in forced labor and concentration camps in Germany

Restoration of family ties interrupted as a result of an emergency situation (ES) through the family messages of the Red Cross (SPCC)

Search related to the loss of communication due to an emergency

Search for migrants and refugees

Check on the archives of the RRC RRC for information about the evacuation of Soviet citizens during the Great Patriotic War from the western regions of the USSR to the interior of the country, including from the besieged Leningrad and with orphanages

Check on the archives of the RRC RRC for information about the presence of children of repressed persons in orphanages

Search abroad for parents of children left in the Russian Federation to determine the social status of these children and assign state benefits to them

Our team

Kobets Sergey Vyacheslavovich

Simakina Alla Vladimirovna

Voronkova Valentina Alexeevna

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The Tracing and Information Centre of the Russian Red Cross needs volunteers for office work: filling in cards and tracing forms, signing envelopes, work with archives, preparing answers etc. Please contact Mr Shurkin Vasiliy, tel: +7 (495) 628-78-94.
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